National Sanitation Foundation Certified

 All machines at PipenHot Brewing systems are NSF certified and made with  convenience of maintenance in mind. The Post can be removed from it's mounting and machine washed or descaled safely at any time.  

Inline water refill, no reservoir

All PipenHot machines come standard with quarter inch NPT fittings to hook up standard appliance hose which can be purchased at any hardware store. Add water to the boiler with the pull of a lever.

All bolted construction

Machine can be fully disassembled and washed or descaled. Components can be added, subtracted and replaced whenever.

Parts exceed the sum

The housing of the PipenHot machines can operate at several thousand PSI. While the machine will generally operate at less than two hundred PSI or twelve bars or less.

Hand built

Each PipenHot machine is made and signed by one person with the concept that it is a new antique. Your PipenHot machine is something we hope will be in the family for generations.

You decide

Because of it's manual operation you decide the bars, temperature or flow rate with manual levers and simple feedback from the machine.

industrial grade espresso machines

Cost Effective

Built around a component based, all 304 stainless steel boiler housing system. Fully manual machine with no pumps or over complicated electronics to break. Our machine is designed to be profitable with a highly competitive price, energy efficiency and extremely low maintenance requirements. 

  Energy efficiency is achieved because when the machine is not in use you simply turn it off. Once the machine is preheated it can always recover quickly. 

Lifetime Guarantee

The all 304 stainless steel housing is made to withstand several times normal operating pressure making it essentially unbreakable in day to day business.

Design Like No Other

Industrial design at PipenHot Brewing Systems means the highest standard of form meets function. The lustrous mirror polish of the stainless steel also provides heat retaining insulation conserving energy for brewing.